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M U D W E R K was founded by Eric Cockrell in 2005 after years of working in the field nationally and internationally.  
We are a small, very specialized construction company. Mud, the most essential of all building materials is our medium. 

From traditional ornamental plaster to cutting edge concrete countertops, we use one of the world's most basic materials to create both timeless works of art and living environments.



From old world elegance to modern sophistcation we provide artistic potential, freedom of design and architectural versatility working with architects, designers and homeowners to create custom installations in concrete and plaster.  While countertops, sinks, walls and architectural details are some of the most common applications for our work, the possibilities are endless.  We encourage exploratory design and are eager to collaborate to create something truly unique.  We can translate your vision into a one-of-a-kind signature piece.


MUDWERK's exclusive series of formulas and installation techniques combined with years of experience allow an unlimited range of applications and effects.  Textures, colors, shapes and forms are limitless.  Our reputation for treating each project as a unique and individual work is growing.


Unlike conventional decorative treatments, our plaster and cement mixes transfix with their sensuous use of color and entice one to touch and experience the unique surface - whether polished, patterned or textured proving popular with clients who prefer honest materials skillfully applied to showcase their inherent beauty.


Plaster and concrete are among the most accepted of traditional building materials.  Their simple ingredients are inherently "green". We use our knowledge of these traditional materials in new and creative ways to satisfy our clients interests and our own.

MUDWERK's founder Eric Cockrell helps individually handcraft each project.  He graduated from the College of Charleston and earned a Master of Fine Arts degree at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.  He has worked in the industry internationally while learning to work with trowel-able and cast-able materials as well as techniques for coloring and shaping concrete and plaster.

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